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  • 20 May 2021
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3 replies

Hello team,

I’m travelling from India to UK on visit visa and i wanna make more of my visit so I'm planning to explore the neighbouring countries of-course with a Schengen visa,what are the possible entry restrictions for schengen countries if I'm travelling from London through Eurail packages that are offered in the website.

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Currently there are still some Covid related restrictions active and nobody knows which will be active by then :/

The rules change weekly sometimes even daily sometimes a Antigentest is enough othertimes you have to be vaccinated next time a PCR Test :/

As Great Britain left the European Union there are often very strict rules to get from the UK to the European Union or versa :/

Even if Eurail offer packages i recommend to book everything by your own as you can book that way the trains you like and the best Accomodation that fits to your needs 🙂 I use the common travel apps like AirBnB,, Hostelworld or trivago 🙂 and book flex rates (Cancelabe) 🙂 that way iam quite flexible and can react to new strict Covid Restrictions :)

For example Netherlands was for a short time on the red list of my Homecountry i changed easily my reservation at the station from Amsterdam to Brussels and explored Belgium instead of the Netherlands :)

Thanks for the reply seewulf and also for the info :)