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  • 2 December 2022
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I'm getting Crazy. I want to know if there is the possibility to go to Sarajevo with the bus, because the rail line Is suspended.


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4 replies

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Hi. sure there are busses from several places. But we cant guess from where you want to enter the country 🙃🙃

About domestic train travels:


Io sono in Croazia, potrebbero esserci bus, ma sono inclusi?

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Buses are not included, unless they're run by the railways. But that is not the case for the ones to Bosnia.

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Daddy/uncle google will help in a few seconds with these questions. S-J does indeed have pretty good-due to lack of railways-connections to all surrounding major cities. BUT those from Beograd do NOT serve the city proper-due to those immense rifts between the various tribes there they end in the Serb quarter which has a different name (and I forgot which)

In fact this does not only apply to Bosnia, but also more or less to Serbije and Macedonia- NO-or very, very few-trains over borders to there. A  pass is a waste of money using there-the trains that do run-if at all-are pretty cheap-even cheaper as the worst of regionale in south -Italia