Trains in Latvia and Estonia

  • 19 November 2022
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Hello! I saw on the website that Latvia and Estonia are included in the 33 Global Pass countries. However, when I try to plan my trip on the Rail Planner app Riga and Tallin aren't between the options to choose from. Why is that?


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3 replies

It seems that Eurail doesn't get the train timetables for those two countries. You'll have to search for the times in the countries own travel planners, then enter the journey manually in the Interrail app.

(BTW, has some advice for those countries as for almost everywhere)

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More advice: forget using a pass over there. Local tix will be much cheaper anyway in LV-and connections between LV to EE are very bad with hours wait at some tiny village @ border. Sensible people there go by bus. There are also NO treni from LT=Lithuania till LV=Latvia.

One can only get out of a site if someone has ever put that in-these countries are not yet that far advanced that they release their own data in common EUR sites. Maybe later-or maybe they think that noone would use their trains anyway from so far away. There are also in this forum some reports that in EE (where all tix are sold on board) passes are not recognized due to probs with the codes and you are then still forced to buy normal ticket. But maybe that was incidental.

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Riga ↔️ Tallinn by train:

Lux Express buses give a discount (no travel day needed):