What time of day does my Month pass expire?

  • 6 January 2023
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My app says my validity period is "15 Dec 2022 - 14 Jan 2023"


Does that that mean I have until the midnight of the 15th of Jan to use my pass? I just want to make sure because I plan on taking a train the day of the 14th and don't want to have pay for the train when I can plan around it.


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11 replies

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Validity ends on 23:59 CET on the last day of the validity period. You cannot use your pass after that.

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It also means that -exceptional to the normal rule, you canNOT finish the trip after midnight (when 14 becaomes 15, to be exact). So plan accordingly.

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You can't travel later than 23.59.59 on the 14th of January. 

Thanks for the speedy response everyone and I hope you guys can respond quickly to this one as well.

I am getting royally f*ck right now…

I have made plans for the 14th while keeping in mind when my Eurail pass expires and that has seem to back fire on me. The website tells me that my pass “isn’t valid on this date” when I tried to reserve a seat (I’m traveling form Paris to London via Eurostar so I must reserve a seat). The train is around mid-day of the 14th btw and I tried doing it using my mobile device as well but it is just stuck on loading my results.

Attached are screenshots from my laptop and cellphone.


Google Drive


I suppose I can hail Mary tomorrow and go to the the Paris Nord train station early to talk to a human-being and try to reserve a seat that way.

It’s really frustrating because I don’t speak French and I am assuming I can find the right person/kiosk to do said thing. But the most frustrating part is that the mobile app is allowing me to book said trip yet the I am unable to reserve a seat because my pass has expired.

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Hmmmm weird. Perhaps it's a timezone problem? Try to book your Eurostar reservation somewhere else than with Interrail. Like here:

for which you need a pass cover number:



It could a timezone problem but my train is around mid-day and the time difference is only one hour…

I tried the link you sent me. It’s not loading any results for me for my date of travel and the only ones available are tomorrow =[

I will try to find a person/kiosk at the Paris Nord Station now. Wish me luck.

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There are no pass holder seats on the Eurostar available today from Paris. The first available pass holder seats from Paris are tomorrow. 

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I have now check the availability of pass holder seats to London from Lille/Brussels/Amsterdam and unfortunately there are no pass holder seats available at all today. You will need a plan B to get to the UK today.



Thanks for checking! I actually managed to get a seat reservation on a Eurostar train from Lille to London!

Currently en route to Lille.

Though things have worked out (so far). It was still frustrating that the mobile app wouldn't allow me to make a seat reservation on my train to Lille. Luckily, there was someone at SNCF that was able to help me.

I really hope Interrail/Eurail fixes this problem.

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I am glad to hear that you managed to get a reservation on the Eurostar. 

I suggest that you make an error report to Eurail Customer Support so that they can check why you couldn't make a reservation even though your pass is valid.  Please use the form in the link below.