How do I ACTUALLY make a seat reservation when it says it is required, but there is option to book one?

  • 18 May 2024
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I am trying to book a train for Italy Naples to Pompei in July and it says I need a seat reservation. There is no button to press to make the seat reservation. I can’t find out what company/train/website I need to find to make the seat reservation. I have attached an image of the train I would like to book at the beginning of July. I have tried through the app and through the website. I’m so clueless, I really do not understand how this is supposed to seem easy.



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5 replies

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I guess you need to keep nagging them. Strange though that none of the other planners (DB, ÖBB, SBB etc.) say these trains have mandatory reservations.

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The Timetable specialist informed me that this issue was escalated to Trenitalia over a year ago. The carrier needs to correct this information in the source data. I will keep you updated on any developments.

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Hi @rvdborgt 

Regarding this one, our timetable specialist has been contacted to see if MERITS is giving this data or not. I will keep this post updated. 

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This error has existed since at least last year, if not longer. Both in the rail planner app and on the Interrail/Eurail websites.

@Camilo. @Mukhammad Could this please be fixed? Please note that Trenitalia don't seem to include in their data mandatory reservations for these suburban trains (or any other of their trains for that matter), so it looks like this incorrect information may be added on Eurail's side.

This is just a suburban line. I can’t imagine that’s it’s possible to do a seat reservation here.