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  • 3 September 2023
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Hello and thanks to this community for helping customers !

I made some seat reservation for train tickets from Stuttgart for Paris. This reservation is for 15/10/2023
I received the tickets from interrail mail.

Later I received a mail from SNCF : the departure from Stuttgart was cancelled, due to modernization works on rails. The train now departs from Karlsruhe.

I’m sort of okay with this updated option anyway. However, I need to check the updated information for my ticket.

The SNCF mail invited me to perform a cancellation or modification of this travel trough their website. However, I am not interested in cancelling the ticket, I simply need to get the updated ticket.
Furthermore, the reference for this travel is not recognized on any of their website (neither sncf-connect or
I am a bit at a loss here :/

Please rememeber, I just need to get and check the updated information (date, hour and precise departure station) for this new ticket. Were will I get this information ?

Thanks for your help on this.


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6 replies

Thanks for answering !
Yes train number should be the same apparently : it’s ICE 9574.
I would like to have the official departure time from Karlsruhe. Last time I checked it’s 11h32 something like that ? However without an official SNCF ticket, I could not be 100% sure.

And also I kind of imagine, if something happens with the travel from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe (which might be possible, if “modernization” is ongoing on the tracks), it will be hard to negociate anything with SNCF if I can’t board the train from Karlsruhe. In total, this is not the most comfortable as you said ^^

I hope you understand that, as soon as SNCF is responsible for the cancellation of the train, I should at least get an official replacement ticket from them.

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Assuming the train number is the same (as you haven’t said we can’t check) then your reservation will still be good from Karlsruhe, all you will need to do is select a train that comfortably gets you there before it departs.


As you are on Interrail then you can just board any German train you please to do this, no reservation necessary.

Ok actually on the website currently I see the train in question, and it’s not showing as cancelled yet.
I think I should go and ask SNCF directly (I am sure it will be hard for them to answer though)

For reminders, I simply need to have the updated ticket (from Karlsruhe to Paris), or even at best an official proposition from SNCF to manage the travel from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe.

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Looks like SNCF shows the correct times on their website. I don't think they change much from usual, the only thing you'll have to do is leave Stuttgart earlier by taking another train. Have a margin for sure.

I assume the definite timetable will be published soon on

Ok thanks for your quick answer !
If I understand well, you suggest me to find my way from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe, in order to catch up to the updated SNCF ticket from there ?

However, I am not aware of the departure time for the ticket from Karlsruhe, so I might not be able to find a proper travel from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe, without knowing time more precisely.

BTW  : I do have an Interrail Pass

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do you have an Interrail Pass? When yes, than check and look for connections to Karlsruhe. From there the reservation of SNCF. If it is a normal SNCF ticket I do not know how it works.