transfer time at Brussels Midi

  • 31 August 2023
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Is 20 minutes enough time to transfer from an arriving Eurostar train at Brussels Midi to a departing IC train to Liege. The Liege train is the last one of the day at about 23:00 and leaves from platform 11. Since we have the Eurail global pass, can we just board the IC train straightaway?


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20 minutes is plenty of time. In ten minutes you can more than comfortably walk to your connecting train, even when stepping out on the far ends of Eurostar.

Should the Eurostar be delayed slightly (5-10 min), best go to the middle of the train to get out to comfortably connect.

If delayed more, ask Eurostar staff to ensure the connection. They do that almost always with last couple of trains of the the day.

Belgian domestic trains, do not require seat reservations. So just add the train to Liège to your pass and you're good to go.

And there's always the later one :) No worries. 

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I wouldn't worry much. All passport controls are done in London St. Pancras so you can directly access the main hall. There is a shortcut which may or may not be open, see

There is a later train at 00:20 if whatever were to happen but it's unlikely you'll have to take it.

But maybe @BrendanDB has some personal experience :)