Child passes not delivered. We want to have them added to our adult pass


I have contacted customer service for over 10 days now and I have not received a response. I will be travelling to Europe and using the pass next week, so I’m really worried about when they will help fix my issue.

I bought 4 adult passes, 4 youth and 2 children but once I bought them the 2 children passes were not emailed to me and I just wanted to add the 2 child passes to one of the adult passes and receive help from customer service to fix this. I need this resolved as soon as possible, as we are travelling in a group and without the child passes I will not be able to take the 2 children with us on the train rides.

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@PraNor What routes do you need to book?

Bruxelles midi to Strasbourg.

It does not show up as an option on the link provided. When I go directly to the SNCF Connect website, it does show up, but does not let me put in my eurail pass. I so much appreciate your time on this.

Any ideas why the route does not show up?

What date and time do you need to make reservations for?  

I can't find any direct trains between Brussels and Strasbourg. 


@PraNor What routes do you need to book?

@AnnaB Thank you so much! I was anke to find the last answer with your help.

I had to book 3 people at a time, rather than all 6. This was only with the issue of TGV from Bruxelles Midi to Strousburg.