• 15 February 2023
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I’m looking for help. I want to go interrailing with my daughter this summer and pay for both passes and all reservations. We don’t live together, and I was hoping she could use her pass to get to a meeting point. That looks complicated…. or is it?

If I understand right, I could add a reservation to get to the meeting point for her and then she could ‘activate’ her pass on her phone. Thereafter I could add all reservations for subsequent travel for the two of us on my phone. Does that sound possible or is there a better solution?

Thanks in advance


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Reservations are completely separate from the pass. Reservations cannot be done via the app, nor will they be visible in the app. Reservations for day trains in GB are optional, whatever the rail planner app or Interrail website claims. They can be made free of charge at any GB ticket office, via the LNER website (LNER trains only) or the GWR website (all reservable day trains in GB).

You could still buy a mobile pass for both of you and buy all reservations online. You can send any reservation to your daughter, but she will need to activate the pass herself on her phone (best wait until the start day, shortly before boarding the first train).

Thank you. That makes sense. Hadn’t realised reservations were done outside the app.