Curious Designer / Insight in the Interrail App / 'My Pass'

  • 31 March 2022
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Hiii, 🤗

curious Designer here. This might come across weird, but I am currently studying UX Design/ App Design in Germany and we are doing a fictional redesign of the Interrail App. Right now we are doing some research and we are also analysing the app in great detail. But unfortunately a big part in the app is missing, it’s the ‘My Pass’ site on the app. We have no ticket or pass to see what it’s like. 

If anyone wants to help, you’d do my team and me a great favour if you could send screenshots of what the pass actually looks like and what you can do with it. PLEASE censor your personal information like your ID number, full name etc. We are just interested in how its structured and which main functions and sub-functions this site has. 

Thanks already, you’d help us out a lot, Greetings from Germany, Hannah 😄


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