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  • 17 March 2023
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Hi,   I see that on the Eurail site they conceptually will let you submit a custom itinerary plan...and they will get back to you with a whole trip of hotels and cities planned.

Are they good at this?  Is this a good service to use?

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Eurail is a company about train travels. The Eurail Global Pass is a pass that gives you unlimited journeys on all European railways for a selected number of days.

It is not a travel agency. They will not book anything for you.

Where do you see that they are suggesting hotels ? The itinerary planner is to know how many pass days you'll need for your trip

Link to Packages The Eurail page has PACKAGES

Where they conceptually sell you a pre-package itinerary...AND get you a hotel...They also have a submission section at the bottom where you can choose youre own adventure...pick more cities...give them notes...and  choose the level of hotel you want.

I know its a little buried in all of the info which Eurail gives...which is why im curious if theyre any good and asking here.

BTW...TY for your response.

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I've never seen these packages before. It looks like something new.

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I've never seen these packages before. It looks like something new.

It has been around for some time and it is handled by an external travel agency. The rating on Trustpilot is very high, however I guess that you will pay quite some extra for having someone to make all the reservations for you.

@paul22 If you have the money to spend and don't want to spend your own time on making reservations and looking at train timetables, I guess you could use it.

Thanks.  I’m thinking i may have a busy summer in Europe separate from the portion i want dealt with by the travel agency….so having someone else make reservations in a half a dozen cities takes a lot off my plate and let’s me deal with other legs of the trip.