extra travel day, but no transfer/change

  • 1 August 2021
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Hi! My friend and I want to take a nighttrain, but all the trains we see in the Interrail App that go at night that are without a transfer/change say "+ 1 day" (see the screenshot for an example). Why is this? Because we thought it would only cost us just 1 travel day since there is no transfer...



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5 replies

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So it only costs us one travel day?

yes it should. you can just try to add it and see which travel day it activates. (but dont try it for today, otherwise you couldnt cancel any more!)

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It’s just an information in the timetable to show that the arrival is on the next day.

So it only costs us one travel day?

oke thank you! We will try that

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note that on the direct Nighttrain from Budapest to Feldkirch will be no sleeper car :/

You can reserve a berth in couchette if still some are free or a seat in standard car :)