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  • 24 November 2022
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I'm planning for Europe trip to visit 5 countries in 14 days.

Italy, Switzerland, France , Belgium, Netherlands.. These are the countries in my plan.  Can anyone suggest the best passes to buy and some travel tips please? My itinerary is yet to be prepared.





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NO, as you give far too little info for that ,plus that all this basic info is-as can be expected, in the main EUrail site. Also look into visa-procedures for Indians, but as such 1 Schengen-area visa covers all this.

You are lucky and can save a lot of rupeeeeeeees as right now the black-friday sale has started.

The site shows "Sorry you missed it " under black friday sale . . Does that mean sale ended already? I thought it's starting .. 

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Bit of patience, it’s not friday yet (in Europe) ;)

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To choose your pass I suggest you spend a bit of time considering your preference for travelling and budget.

If you are a free spirit who simply wants the freedom to hop on and off trains at will over both long and short distances on most days, then a 15 day continuous pass would be ideal (but costly).

If you prefer a small number of long hops to the next city or country then a 5 or 7 day pass would suffice (cheaper and can always be topped up with buying tickets for shorter journeys) but there is a relatively small premium for the 7 day pass.

You may find that the Black Friday sale is limited to longer passes so the 15 day continuous pass may be competitive. Remember that promotional passes are often not refundable or exchangeable.