Last-minute trip modification with a mobile pass

  • 17 March 2022
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Hello, I want to travel to the Netherlands.I have a mobile pass. If on the day of the trip I finally want to stay longer in a city and report the time of my next train, is it possible to add this new trip?Knowing that it is impossible to delete a travel day

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2 replies

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ofcourse you can take any later train aswell :) just add these trains to your pass :)

Because you can´t delete a already activated travelday on the day itself i recommend to add trips only last minute to your pass that way your are full flexible and can even decide to stay 2 or 3 days longer at a destination :)

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Here for INland=domestic travel in NL-all main routes have trains at least ev 30 mins-and in the main city-area much more often. There are NO REServations nor even possible. Its another thing for some trains to Germany or Thalys southwards.

Its more like a grand scale metro-including the cumbersome gates.