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  • 2 March 2023
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My husband and I will be going to Munich arriving on March 7. This is the first time I have used the pass, and it is on my phone. If I had a paper ticket I think I could figure this out.

My question is how do I get the QR code on my phone to show the conductor I have paid for the train  from the airport to downtown Munich HBF? There are many to choose from, and I don’t know which train we will need. I put two of the schedules  in the phone, but until we are there, I don’t know which one we will use. I can see there are next steps to do, IF you know which trip you will use, and then I assume the code will pop up. 


When do I show them the proof we have a Eurail pass? I have our passport numbers in the phone app, so I think I have it all in order. I have other reservations for this trip that I could print a ticket, and it had a QR code. That part I am not worried about, it is this very first trip from the Munich airport. 


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Please check:

You can add the train you will be using just before you board.

The QR code is your ticket.

In addition, it is not a good idea to activate your pass or a travel day in advance. You can only cancel activation until 23:59 CET before validity starts. If something unexpected happens after that, it will be too late to cancel activation.

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You might also buy a separate ticket for that ride: a group day ticket for Munich's public transport including the trip from airport costs €29.80 for up to 5 persons (€14.90 pp - or a single ticket from the Airport to Hbf would cost €13), meaning that you can save a travel day and use it for a longer trip. However, if you are going to travel further with your pass that same day, do use your pass. 

Note the Eurail pass only covers local trains (S-Bahn), and not underground trains (U-bahn), trams and buses. 

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If you've selected a start date, then that is the date the clock starts ticking. In your case, that means you've set a validity period in which you can use your 5 days. No travel day will have been activated yet: in My Pass, it should say 0/5 travel days used.

Nevertheless, I'd advise to cancel the activation and only activate the pass a few minutes before boarding your first train.


So, my understanding is that when I click on that little button that yes, I want this train, even one that does not require a reservation, THEN I get the QR code, and activate the first day of travel? So, if by chance our plane is delayed, or we meet someone who will give us a ride, I don’t have to waste that first day at the airport? 


Thanks, I think I am beginning to sort it out. The main thing seems to be to not set in motion until you know that is what you want. I have “activated” for March 7, but I have not connected a trip with it yet, so still not certain if March 7 is now my first official day, or not. I have 5 days, and I think I will be set on the rest of the days anyway. So far the app shows no travel days used. And thanks, about the S-Bahn tip. 


I am not sure about different passes, but mine is 5 days in a month time. And, yes it does say 0/5 days used. I will look into this. At least that is what I think it is, 5 days to use in a month. We will only be there 2 weeks. Thanks!




It was a struggle, but I finally figured out a trip or two to save, to possibly use to get from the airport to our hotel. For some reason it was a struggle to find the station nearest to us, there is more than one, and the one on the hotel website (or one of them) was not one that has a S-Bahn train, to accept the pass. The Eurail pass planner only works if you know EXACTLY where you want to go. Thanks for all the help everyone!!!