Portugal Station Gates

  • 13 May 2024
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I am traveling in Portugal and cannot bypass the station gates. What can I do? It seems they use a chip detector for local travel cards. Is there anyway to use my Eurail pass to get through the gates and access the train platforms?


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3 replies

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That doesn't mean that your pass isn't valid of course! Speak to staff and they'll happily open the gates.

Also note that gates are relatively rare across Europe (fortunately!).

Interrail/Eurail passes are valid on trains of the participating companies aka the large majority of European trains. Sometimes you need to add a seat reservation, please follow the helpful guide here:

Side note 1: Eurail isn't great value in Spain and Portugal as pretty much any train requires a reservation so you don't get the usual flexibility. It can still save you money as last-minute regular tickets are pretty expensive.

Side note 2: passes are 85% refundable but you shouldn't need to do that! Feel free to ask questions and we'll gladly answer.

That’s very unfortunate because now I’m not sure what I have paid for…😅 seems like a waste of money. On that note, any advice on the refund eligibility lol

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Unfortunately Interrail/Eurail passes don't work on most ticket barriers (notably in the UK or in Portugal). I'm sure developpers wish to improve that in the future.

If you have a reservation for a train that might open the gate. Otherwise you'll have to seek staff (which should be around).