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  • 5 February 2024
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I recently purchased a second class, senior global Eurail pass. My trip begins at the beginning of March. It seems like there are a LOT of supplements that I was unaware of when I bought that pass. I am starting my journey in London, so I figured there would be a supplement for the Eurostar from the UK to Brussels, but I guess there is also one to go from Bruges (where I’ll be staying for 2 nights) to Paris, as well? And from Paris to Lisbon? And from Lisbon to Madrid? It seems like every train I want to ride requires a supplementary fee. Is there any way around this? Those fees will add up fast!!


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That's because you did select just the countries where there are the highest supplement of all european countries.

There's a tap in the planner app (clearly visible to the right) where you may get connections without mandatory reservations. Just try this.

But that does normally mean slow connections with more changes in regional trains without reserved seat.

London - Bruxelles: just Eurostar available 

Bruxelles to Paris: much slower connections available without supplement 

Paris to Barcelona: much slower connections available, too.

In Spain nearly every train does need a reservation and they are also hard to get.

Between Spain and Portugal there are just a few connections with changes at all.