Refunds for delayed trains in Spain (Renfe)

  • 20 May 2023
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Took a train yesterday from Madrid to Malaga which got delayed by a little over 30 minutes.

Upon arrival at Malaga some passengers were queuing up to file for refund at the station ticket counter but since I was in a hurry I didn't bother.

Also, since I only paid the reservation fee in combination with Global Eurail pass and not the full ticket price, I wasn't sure if there are refunds on the reservation fee as well just like full fare tickets.

Thought I would ask here if someone  can shed some light on this... basically the query is two-fold: 

1. Are the reservation charges refundable on delayed Renfe high speed trains?

2. Can a refund be claimed online or does one have to physically fill a form at the counter?

Thanks in advance for your time. ..



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5 replies

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I stopped by at the Renfe counter in Girona this afternoon, on my way back and the lady there promptly refunded 50% (on each pass/reservation fee) for the half hour delay back to the card used previously. 


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You have to ask directly RENFE. They have some other rules with compensations also before 30min. Keep in mind that normaly you will not get compensations under 4 Euro.


The rules of the European Union say from 1h delay you get 25% back of a ticket and 50% if it is more than 2 hours. Via Eurail you get directly something back if you ask, but only if over 1h delay. 

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Thanks for all the replies...

The total reservation fee for 4 passengers on this delayed trip was €42.20.

Will ask Renfe when I'm at the station next time... 


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Normally you don't get any compensation unless the delay is at least 60 minutes. 

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You might get compensation via RENFE on the reservation fee.