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  • 22 March 2024
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Hi there felow Interrailers,


First, this forum is mega-super-overcomplicated,  cannot find a type-in field to ask my question, just conversations…

My question: bought a 3-month Global Pass and wanna reserve for the summer an eurostar to London from Bruxelles, but, Rail Europe page sais my Interrail number is not valid. Do I need to activate it  to be able to reserve…?

(I still donÍt want to activate it coz don’z know exactly the starting date...)


Thank you, cheers



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3 replies

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Activating doesn’t make a difference. Only do that on the day you start your trip and not before.

If Rail Europe don't accept your pass number, then contact them.

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You can also book through b-europe, although with a 4€ fee, but raileurope should accept your pass number.

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B-europe now also accepts mobile pass numbers and they seem to do a real check. If they use the same mechanism as Rail Europe, the question is whether that will also work.

It could also be that it takes a bit of time (a day or so I could imagine) after buying the pass before a pass number is accepted, so maybe try again?