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  • 13 May 2024
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I am planning a trip this summer:

Travel Day 1 - my home in England to Lyon, France

Travel Day 2 - Lyon to Verona, Italy

Travel Day 3 - Verona to Trieste, Italy

Travel Day 4 - Trieste to Innsbruck, Austria

Travel Day 5 - Innsbrick to my home in England

When I started to plan on the website planner, this came up as six travel days - I am confused about why this is.  Should I put Lyon as the first place I visit?  If so, how do I plan the journey from my home?


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The planner is rubbish and doesn't how to count. I think it automatically adds a day to "go home"… With this itinerary you indeed have 5 travel days.


EDIT: Make sure to book the Eurostar well in advance. It's a very popular service and there's a passholder quota (pretty much unique). With the Olympics and so on demand will be extremely high.

Look as well at London - Lille-Europe - Lyon so you don't have to transfer stations in Paris. ;)

Lyon - Verona is quite a long journey as the fastest route to Italy is closed until further notice due to a landslide and the main alternative (Simplon) is closed for works from mid-June to mid-September.

The journey is still doable in a day but make sure to leave early. I might consider a Flixbus to Turin to save time.

Looking at a random July day you could do:

- Flixbus Lyon-Perrache - Turin/Torino 08:00 - 12:25

- lunch and visit a bit

- FR Torino Porta Nuova - Verona 15:10 - 17:28 (13€ reservation)

Innsbruck - home is likely a very long journey too. Make sure to leave early and have some buffer before the Eurostar, esp. knowing the German delays…

You could also get the Innsbruck - Amsterdam night train and then go home from there. That would require a 6th pass day (or you buy Verona - Trieste tickets separately).

Feel free to ask anything! :)

Thank you - so helpful.

i May be back for more advice later.


Hello again….

So - now - after your advice - thinking this..

Travel Day 1 - London St. P - Zurich

Travel Day 2 - Zurich - Verona

Travel Day 3 (or not counting if need another Travel Day) - Verona to Trieste

Travel Day 4 - Trieste to Mittewald

Travel Day 5 (or two Travel Days, if needed - so won’t count the Verona to Trieste) - Mittenwald to London St. P


How does this sound?  You suggested breaking the last journey - thining of Lille or Brussels?  What do you think?

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(I made a nice post but it wasn’t published for whatever reason argh...)

Sure, looks good!

Direct TGVs from Paris to Switzerland have a 29€ fee but there are workarounds to save money. Domestic TGV fares cost either 10€ (limited) or 20€ so hop off before the border! For example:

  • London - Paris - Strasbourg or Mulhouse or
  • London - Lille-Europe - Strasbourg by leaving at 11am (good option!)

The last bit to Basel is done by comfortable 200 km/h regional trains (yes those exist!).

For the return journey I was thinking maybe Strasbourg? What would be the travel date though? Asking as between 10th and 30th August part of the vital Rhine mainline is closed… (Rastatt - Baden-Baden). Better to avoid the disruption area altogether (high-speed services to Paris are redirected via Saarbrücken).

Actually Mittenwald - London is feasible in a day if you wish too. Depending on the date the journey could even be done with 2 changes:

  • RE Mittenwald - München Hbf 06:03 - 07:46
  • TGV München Hbf - Paris-Est 08:20 - 14:52 18€
  • 10 min walk and break
  • Eurostar to London in the evening (30€)

There are later departures too. Honestly as long as you plan a 1h break somewhere before leaving Germany you’ll be fine. :)

Feel free to ask anything.