Train journey not showing on my S10 android

  • 9 February 2023
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I have a eurail pass. 

It is not activated as I am not travelling for several months yet. 

I have purchased a reservation on my laptop a eurostar ticket.  The booked train journey shows up on my laptop when I go into my eurail site, but it doesn’t show up on my S10 android Eurail app. 

What do I do to have this on my mobile phone, as this is what I will be showing the inspector


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3 replies

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Reservations are separate from the app so the reservations will never show in the app.

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€* has NO on board checks normally-this is done to select the pax who have booked for THAT train THAT day via gates-and these work on the codes on your RES. It may happen that you will after passing also have to show a valid passday-this seems a bit random. Then are the immigr and customs-and once done all that, airline style, there are no more. As thus quite different from about any other train ´on the continent´ and that funny island GB. Though quite often for his-peed with mandatory RES they also work with gates to check and no more checks after that.

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Thank you.  very  helpful