What if my identity card expires and I get a new one before I start my travels with interrail?

  • 30 December 2021
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As said in the title, my ID will expire next year and I’ll probably get a new one before I start my travels. I’d like to take the opportunity and buy my Interrail ticket with the current discount though.

Is it possible to register/buy a ticket now and ‘update it’ to my new ID once I have it?


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Hi @elBalthasar, If you are planning to buy a mobile Pass, the ID is a field that can be edited at a later stage by our Customer Support team. On the contrary, if are you are considering buying a paper Passes, you can use the current ID number, make a copy of this ID and bring it along with the new ID to the trip.

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Yes, forgot to mention that. I've edited my reply above. Thanks, 

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If you are planning to buy a mobile Pass, the ID is a field that can be edited at a later stage.

I suppose only customer service can do this? I don't see any possibility to do this myself.

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No. But ve been-during 2 mointhes of a global pass last autumn, travelled nearly every day only be asked 2x for the ID-and 1 was clearly from a young new apprentice who was showed all the details by a senior instructor.
easiest is to not discard the old ID and keep it with you and explain when so asked and show both if they even want to check the expiry date. Mostly if they check it is for name/nationality. But of course this is no garantee and also every country has its own rules and it varies how strict they enforce these. These periods of discounts in the past came many times in the year-but never in high summer season, but of coruse this is also no garantee that it will happen again before you want to go.

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Eurail's Customer Service can correct a wrong birthday and in a typo in the name. Can't it really change the passport number?