Where I can reserve just a seat for Barcelona to Lauterbrunnen?

  • 22 June 2024
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I bought a “15-day EURAIL pass”, but it is not possible to reserve only seats from Barcelona to Lauterbrunnen via the EURAIL app/website. Where can I make this seat reservation for August 1st?


Thanks for any information! 


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3 replies

Depends on your choosen connection (which you didn't tell).

If you'd like to go by spanish AVE, you need to do your reservation for this one at a spanish train station. If you'd like to go at 8.19 you'd need a reservation just for this one when connecting to a TER to Genf.

If you'd like to go by french TGV, you may do your reservation with (desktop version only; add you railpass bottom left before searching). 

For trains in Switzerland itself, a seat reservation is not necessary. 

BTW: August 1st is national holiday day in Switzerland. There will be many events and fireworks; you may have a look for these.

First of all, thank you very much for the tips/information! I really didn't know about the national holiday in Switzerland!!

So I won't be able to buy my seat in advance? This would be the same one you mentioned at 8:19 in the morning. 

My connection would be the one in the attached/below image!

Thanks again!! 

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Yes, that train is not possible to book online, only at Spanish ticket offices.

The 09.28 TGV can be booked as detailed above by @Hektor .