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⚠️ Train traffic severely disrupted around/through Hannover, Germany

  • 27 September 2023
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The German national railways have notified that train traffic around Hannover is currently severely disrupted because of an accident. It is not yet clear when traffic will be back to normal.


The following train lines are affected:

  • Cologne – Wuppertal/Düsseldorf – Dortmund – Bielefeld – Hannover – Berlin
  • Amsterdam – Osnabrück – Berlin
  • Regional trains around Hannover

For more information, please check the DB notification (page in German only). If your planned train journey is affected, please contact DB (page in German only) for a full refund on your seat reservation. Also check your passenger rights (page in German only) for more details. 


Please note that our rail planner is not up to date and only shows static data. For real time travel information, please check the DB timetable shortly before departure.

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