Can you go to two countries in one travel day? And suggestions for Berlin to London and back route.

  • 20 October 2021
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First time Interrail user!
1. I want to travel to the UK from Germany (where I live), and my intention is to travel to Brussels, then to London (via the Eurostar) on the same day - or does the Eurostar count as one travel day on its own?

2. And also, can I take any route from Berlin to Brussels? IE, could I go from Berlin to Dortmund, stay there for a few hours, then go from Dortmund to Cologne, Cologne to Brussels, or must I take the most direct route?

3. And finally (sorry for all the questions!), I was thinking of going to Brussels one way, and to Amsterdam or Paris on the way back from London via the Eurostar - any suggestions for best route?

I’m trying to plan the quickest/cheapest but most fun way to go back to the UK, and deciding on whether to book the Interrail or individual tickets!
Thanks in advance!!


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1. The entire trip is one days aslong you dont change trains after midnight :) 

2. Yes you can take any route be carefull Cologne - Brussels you can use ICE (no reservation needed but possible) and Thalys with 30€ per seat compulsory reservation :) no need to use the direct way :D 

3. As French Highspeed trains are reservation compulsory i recommend Amsterdam as stop over from there you have a direct ICE to Cologne/Frankfurt or IC to Osnabrück/Hannover/Berlin 


Back in 2019 

I started at 00.40 from Berlin with Night ICE to Cologne from there with ICE to Brussels, Eurostar to London arrival at 11am :D 

And did then a waitingtime reducing trip via York - Manchester to London and catch finally the Nighttrain to Inverness 

This all was just one travelday of my Interrailpass 🙂 and i paid only for Eurostar and Nighttrain reservation. 


Wow, that’s one hell of a journey! I’ll be heading up to Liverpool, but think I’ll stop overnight in London!
Thank you so much for your reply, this is very helpful!

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As iam enjoying traveling by rail its no problem ;) but 7days on one train (Moscow - Vladiwostok) would be to long 🤣🤣