Current status of travel to Serbia

  • 11 August 2023
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Hi, there are post about missing rail service to Serbia from neighboring countries, however they’ve been deleted.

Does anyone happen to know what’s going on or what the current status is? It’s like the country has disappeared.


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4 replies

I have no idea on this. I tried searching online, but found no information too.

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It's simple : there are no trains into Serbia except the Bar (Montenegro) - Belgrade train. This is due to engineering works and/or political reasons.

You'll have to take buses across the border (easiest solution) or take regional trains up to the border and walk across it (it takes at least a full day).

Haha I’ll give it a try.

Seems so bad for the economy to have the rail system broken. On the website ( they don’t even have their train schedule, they say to call to get it. 😅

Holy moly, Srbija voz fixed their schedule publishing and their train schedules show up now! 🎉