Is it worth it to drop by Athens?

  • 24 January 2023
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Upon researching Southeast Europe Eurail, I found Eurail in Greece maybe starting from Skopje to Athens via Bitola and Florina. Digging deeper into Athens’ tourism found this article which I think is worth dropping by before going Italy. What do you think?


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2 replies

Thank you for your valuable input! Checking this - found a lot of train travel guides / FAQs. Again, thanks for your help!

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The general attractions of Ath are likely very well known-I had to learn them whilst in grammar school. At that time it was considered quite an undertaking to even go to GR. Even though there were direct expresses München (or even FRA) to there, via Yugoslavija. A little later came a coupe by colonels making GR out of bound for reasonable people.

Its all up to you and if people do not give the slightest clue on what they like or are interested in, an answer will be just that. However, it always appears to me, that esp. British seem to think that its always better to go by train if even there is one. That I fully disagree-there are many areas where other means are far better to travel around as normal tourist. PLus that in these areas here normal fares are likely even lower as using passdays.

Now to this promised link: as usual when 2 countries are involved 1 will be pro and 1 less so. It cost money from the taxpayer to have trains run. The GReeks (what i just read in other special forums-to keep me informed for posting here) are less keen now. So it is by now all a lotteree.

Plus that if you would go with that longing for trains further up north you will hit a same gap twice: Border Mac-Serbije and then either Serb-HU or to Hrvatska (Croatia) are also without any train, even with rails lying there and having trains till not that long ago. Which means you still have to fork out for that dreaded BUS or even Taxi.

As always will give you advice on how to. it will certainly also directly show the Bitola route once indeed opened. Long time pre-planning is never advisable in these areas.