Overnight stay in Zurich without booking hostel

  • 20 October 2021
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Hey! Me and my friend have to stay a night in Zurich while we wait for our train. We were hoping to sleep in the hauptbahnhof or spending the night at a cafe or bar. But it looks like it all closes at midnight. Does anyone have any tips for 24/7 places to be or maybe know someone we can stay at. 


3 replies

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Go by train to the Airport there are some 24/7 Bars or arleast Fastfood Restaurants. 


Yeah Zürich pricey depending where you heading you may spend the Night in some Nighttime trains arround Zürich ;) carefull Nighttime charge applies 5CHF per Night and Person "Nachtzuschlag" in german. I prefer staying in warm trains instead of cold stations 

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Hi Astrid,

except on weekends and before holidays Zürich HB closes at some point after midnight… there is no waiting room or something. So I’d definitely NOT recommend staying there, you won’t have a comfy night. 

As @seewulf said, you are better off by going to the airport. I do sometimes the same when I don’t make it home anymore and just spend the night in the airport until the first train in the morning (5am). There are free bathrooms and wifi. 
Just security might wake you up if they see you in sleeping position… so either find a secluded place somewhere or sleep in sitting position. Airport is almost empty until 3.30-4am, after it starts getting busy.

As far as I know there is no 24h open restaurant/bar in Zürich airport (at least I’ve never seen any). 

About night-S-Bahn: I wouldn’t recommend it, especially for girls might be annoying… drunk people on their way home… better to stay in the airport!
I am not sure if the 5CHF supplement still applies, thought I read somewhere it was stopped and now you may use those trains without a supplement?

Safe trip/night



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@MartinM  yeah @runner.on.rails just informed me that this Nightsurcharge isnt charged anymore 👍