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Hi, we are a family of 4 adults and one child 6 years old. We just bought passes for 10 days within 2 months. I was trying to find some journeys using the planner, but unfortunately i wasn't very successful. So i have following questions

1. On the 5 July late on the day or on the 6 july very early i wanted to find a connection from Vejle/Kolding in dk to Munich in de with a night express and with sleeping department, so that we would be in munich in the morning on the 6 july. i couldn't find any.

2. Generally when traveling in July during a weekdays is it always worth to make reservations also for trains which don't require one?

3. Monday, the 10 July from Ljubljana in sv to Verona in it in the morning i could find any train connections, only with some flexbus. How to find one?

4. On the 12 July from Verona to Chur in ch in the morning i only found a connection through Zurych but we wanted to take to tirano to take Bernina express or regular train on the route from there to chur. How to do it?

5. On the 14 July we wanted to take the glacier express from Chur to Zermatt, but we only found a train going through Zurych. 

6. On both the glacier express and Bernina express can we take with our passes regular train instead of this with the special names, but traveling the same route? If yes, how to find them? And do we need reservations for the regular trains?

7. On the 18 July in the morning we wanted to take a train from Geneva to Zurych, then make a stopover in Zurych for few hours and then some night train back to dk. Any suggestions how to plan this part of our trip?

Kind regards viking





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Only the tunnel direct trains go through Visp.

The old line (scenic one) goes above the valley and above Visp. You'll see where you were an hour earlier from a higher perspective. :)

You need to get to Brig but it is worth the extra time

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Yes a computer with earth indeed won't work.

I've also just learnt that Denmark uses Type K plugs along with Europlugs ! We learn new things every day :)

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Do you have a train number or screenshot of your reservation you made?

To add a train manually, do a search in the planner, scroll down and then tap on "Add it manually”. So just scroll a bit more down in your screen ;)

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This is the connection with a change in Villach, right ?

  • RJ München Ost - Villach Hbf 08:26 - 12:43
  • D Villach Hbf - Ljubljana 12:53 - 14:31

Weird because OBB still shows it as leaving from Hauptbahnhof…

The second train does not appear on Rail Planner for whatever reason so add it manually.

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There's no train to Ljubljana at 8:16 but I suppose it's this connection:

Train D211 is missing in the app. If it doesn't show up in the app on the day you travel, then add it manually.

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To be sure, it's not like bernina with the extra reservation free wagon?

Which would be the best connection on Friday and not missing any part of glacier Express route 

No, all Glacier Express carriages need the 49 CHF seat reservation (not worth the price and certainly full anyway). Take the fully reservation-free regional trains with pull-down windows :

- Chur - Disentis/Mustér - Andermatt - Visp - Zermatt

This is entirely on the Glacier Express route.

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somehow i managed the book the seats to ljubjana in 1st class for 0 euro.

i called dsb and they told me , they had system failure that´s why i could not book seats from kolding to hamburg, but i did it over the phone.

As you are from Switzerland, I am assuming that you are familiar with zermatt and surroundings. What is the best webside to book all the cabel trains to get to Matterhorn. I was on the Zermatt city websites, but I got confused, too much info for an older man like me. So what are your suggestions?

couchette - is there any differents between 1st and 2nd class?

and what is the different between bed and berths, 2 different options while booking couchette on oebb and nigthjet?


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Does the pass cover metro in Munich

Metro is never included.

and local trains around Munich?

Yes, they're included.

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I assume it is 1h19 or 1h21 because it shows connections between Brig Bahnhofplatz and Spiez, Bahnhof so it includes the walking time from the front of the station to the platform.

If you check from 10:36 to 11:44 there is 1h08 travel time. Every other hour it leaves at xx:34

Use the hourly RE

I travel a bit around the country on the weekends when I can. This is only 2h from my hometown so it's fine :)

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Depends when you would like to leave, and from where?

From Chur to Zermatt, leave at about 10am

Then from my route above :

You leave Chur at 09:55 and arrive in Zermatt at 16:14. You can of course stop along the way wherever you want and take the next train an hour later (hourly trains all the way).

Enjoy your trip !

Hope the rest of the trip has been fine.

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Day x - 3 trains, but the first train is delayed so instead of the second train at 2 pm I need to take the second train at 3 pm and the 3rd instead of 5 pm , I have to take the 3rd at 6 pm. I such a case do I have to change the trains in the day ticket for this day? and if yes how?

You deactivate the trains you won't take anymore and you add the new ones.

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The Peak2peak ticket is indeed the best ticket for both Gornergrat and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. I've used it twice !

Last year it cost 197 CHF in summer (although I paid half-fare due to my Swiss tickets). At least the child travels for free (with the Junior card).

Do not buy the ticket in advance as if the weather is bad, you don't loose 600 CHF…

You will need to go to a ticket counter on the day to get the free Junior card ticket anyway (not possible online).

Last year's trip report :

- Arrival in Zermatt at 11:00... (travelled from my hometown)

- no waiting at all at the Gornergrat Railway ticket counters

- 15 min walk to the cable car station (free buses too)

- Zermatt - Trockener Steg : 6-people cable car (you should get the cabin all to yourselves) for the 30-35 min climb to 3000m

- Trockener Steg - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise : about 10 min to the top, big and shiny new cabins

- at the top : all infos available online

- back the same way until Furi (last intermediate stop before Zermatt)

- Furi - Riffelberg cable car 15 min

- Riffelberg - Gornergrat 10 min

- Gornergrat - Zermatt 40 min

- back home…

You need to do the trip that way as the last cable car from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is before 16:00 (even in summer !). Gornergrat trains run every 24 min until 18:00 and then every hour

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i was looking for different connections between ljubljna and verona and then verona milan on the 27 th march ( just to check the timetable etc ) on I put the infor about our passes and following happen

Ticket gilt nur von Ljubljana bis Nova Gorica

Ticket nicht verfügbar   

what does it mean. altso that there were no seats avelaible?

That depends on what connection you're looking at.

For which departure time did you see this?

I was trying to find connection from Chur to Vaduz for the 13th of july on, but I could not find like return tickets. I should buy first to vaduz and then separate back to chur and pay twice 39,90 euro. Is it not possible on this line buy return tickets? On this day we will not use our passes.

You'd better check Also note that Vaduz is not close to the station of Schaan-Vaduz. You'll either need a bus from Schaan-Vaduz or from Buchs.

And something about Switzerland

  • do you use the same plugs like in Germany?

No, but 2-pin thin plugs will still fit. For plugs with earth (ground), you'll need an adaptor.

  • as 1 chf = 1 euro, can I pay cash with euro in Switzerland, e.g on buses?

I doubt it.

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I did not see these messages, my bad…

Please use (or the SBB app) as advised.

Some thoughts :

To get to Vaduz the most straight-forward route is

- any train to Sargans

- Bus 12 or 12E (Express) to Vaduz, Post

It takes less than 50 min and there are multiple connections per hour.

Ticket is 37,60 CHF return valid all day on all trains to Sargans and buses to Vaduz. No need to buy these tickets in advance but you can (from 60 days prior to travel date). The Junior Card is valid so do not buy a ticket for the child.

You can pay using Euros (and all debit/credit cards, even bitcoins !) at ticket machines but they'll give change back in Swiss Francs. Bus drivers usually do not accept Euros (but I've seen it happen). You won't need to pay anything at all on buses anyway as the tickets bought in Chur will be valid all the way to Vaduz

That's a great feature of the Swiss public transport network : you can buy trains, buses, boats tickets at any ticket machine !

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For which departure time did you see this? - i was looking at that one at 10 from Ljubljana via Nova Gorica on the 27th March. Just to be sure, whatever is said on the so still the passes cover the whole trip from Ljubljana to Verona, right?

Ok, i will buy the adaptor.

37,60 is per person?

I'm not sure where you see that price.

If you're using your pass on the 10:00 connection from Ljubljana, then it's €10 per person for the Frecciarossa reservation between Venezia Mestre and Verona. You can also avoid that by using a regional train:

There are buses leaving from Nova Gorica to Gorizia Centrale at 13:10, 13:22, 13:35, 13:47, 14:00 (travel time 10 min.).

If you can catch the bus at 13:10 or 13:22, then you can still catch the train at 13:43 from Gorizia Centrale and you'll be in Verona 1 hour earlier, also using regional trains only.

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@rvdborgt The 37,60 CHF was for the Liechtenstein day. The journey Ljubljana - Verona would indeed cost at most 10€ + bus or all reservation-free.

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For what device would you need an adaptor ? It seems a waste of money. As a Swiss my phone charger has got 2 pins, it is the standard European charger and works everywhere

It just depends on what plugs you have on your devices. E.g. laptops can have a plug with earth and that won't fit in a Swiss power socket. Phones should indeed have a standard 2-pin Europlug that also fits in Swiss sockets.

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So to make things clear :

- the SBB website always shows half-fare prices until you change to full price later on

- the 5.60 CHF is one-way price with half-fare card

- 3.40 CHF or 3.60 CHF are saver tickets tied to a specific connection (half-fare)

To select normal one-way or return tickets you click on any red box. You then add the passengers, select single and return journey (double arrow).

Select Point-to-Point Ticket : valid 13.04 until 5am on 14.04. It'll give you a price of 67.20 CHF (3 x 22.40 CHF).

Everything should work. You're almost there. It should really be easy and straight-forward. I've highlighted the steps

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yes,now I got it.

thanks again

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You can only connect 1 single trip to a pass. You'll have to use that one for all trains you use with your pass.

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As a rule of thumb : no dining car on regional trains. For the Glacier Express route to Zermatt, either buy everything at Coop Pronto at Chur train station or along the way if you make a break

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Mont Blanc is a very challenging mountain, there’s no cable car up to there. Closest you can get is to take the cable car to Aiguille du Midi ( +/- 3800 m), and the use Panoramic Mont Blanc cable car to get good views.

But, expensive to get there more than a 100 Eur for an adult.

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Nevertheless, I just tried to add a trip from Munchen to Ljubljana on the 8th July at 8.16. I know the connection exists, because I already booked the seats on the But I can not find this connection in the app. How to add it, if I can not find it in the app?

Just wait. There's no need to add journeys such a long time in advance. The rail planner app does not have updates frequently enough to be reliable and here you have an example. On the travel day, the timetable will probably have been updated. If not, you can still add the missing train(s) manually.

Is creating the ticket option in my trip first avalaible when the pass is activated?

That is correct.

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Here is the validity map. Trams and buses are not included, trains to Uetliberg and Sihlwald are not either.

No discount.

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Sorry thibcabe , i missed this part " They're all optional in that part of Europe." In your first reply. Now i know, thanks.

We bought the one for 349 euro.

I will call oebb tomorrow and do as you said.