Scandanavia in Winter

  • 11 June 2022
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Have bought a 2 month pass and am planning to do a winter wonderland. Has anyone got experience of Norway/Sweden/Finland during Feb / Mar and what would your main recommendations be  - would trying to do all three within 3 weeks be silly at that time of year ? Would it be better to settle with just Norway and Sweden ?

Trying to organise myself, but am aware that timetables/reservations will not not yet be available. Does anyone know what time of year the Winter timetables get issued.

2 replies


Thankyou - yes we have a list !

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There is hardly any diff for most lines between summer/winter-use todays (sameweekday) as global scheme. But DO note that all comes to a grand stand still before Xmas till after.

There is not that much difference I have to say between SE and FI-except the language. NO is quite different in nature, the fjords and mounatins.

All 3 are so big that to ´do´ them in  1 week is a rather silly idea-its likely better to read a guidebook/blog to see what one can do sensibly in that nr of days. OR make a list of what you know you will want to visit.