Three weeks from Graz

  • 3 October 2021
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Hello Friends!

I need your help please :) 

We want to travel from Graz, start at 10th July 2022, we need to be in Paris by 29th of July.

Which route would you suggest?

With some time at the sea :)

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

All the best


3 replies

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Graz - Trieste (new daily direct Train)

Trieste - Venice - Verona - Milan - Genova - Ventimiglia - Nice - Paris

but carefull in Italy and France the High Speed trains need a reservation thats why i suggested so many stops in Italy as between them you can use Regionaltrains that are reservation free :)

Sounds great! Thanks 😍🙏

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Sounds great! Thanks 😍🙏

In three weeks you can reach almost every point in Europe :D

Another option is to go from Graz via Berlin to Scandinavia and then via Hamburg - Amsterdam - Belgium (i recommend the Belgian Coast with the Küsttram) - France - Paris