Trip to Italy

  • 14 June 2021
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Hey there! I’m travelling to Italy next week :) Does anyone want to join?

5 replies


Thank you!! I hope you can travel safely soon!


I hope you find a traveling companion, it was on my list for April this year but because our province was on a full lockdown since March...all plans for travel to Europe until at least late fall have been stalled

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Hi Emma,

I am planning to be travel in Italy by Interrail 19th-25th June and sent you a PM with my planned route.


Hi everyone, I am planning on travelling to italy soon and going to the major cities + the Cinque Terre coast! Does anyone know if the Eurail pass allows me to get on high speed trains between cites? I don’t want to sit on a train for 5+ hours! Haha

@Jordan Stocker Palmer Hi, I'm planning on doing the same in the next few weeks. For high speed trains you usually need a reservation, which you don't need for slower tracks. The routes I've checked so far still don't take more than 4 hours in between places. Personally,  I prefer to take these slower tracks so I stay flexible and don't have to spend money on reservations. 


Hope this helps you out, and maybe we'll meet :)