Visit one City and get two or even more.

  • 7 June 2021
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You saved money for a long time to do an Interrail/Eurail trip. Now you want to make the most of the pass. Some of the beautiful cities in Europe often have cities or towns that are just as worth seeing in their immediate vicinity.

Few examples: (will add cities step by step)

Berlin and Potsdam 🙂
If you leave Berlin in the south west you will explore Potsdam a small city with it´s own history and touristic sights. For example Cecilienhof Palace (Here took the Potsdam Conference place), Glienicker Brücke (Bridge of Spies) this bridge was used for several exchange of catched spies and pilots between USA and Soviet Union back in the cold war era. Ontop you can explore the dutch quarter of Potsdam or ofcourse one of the most famous places Sanssoci Palace and Park. For families could be the “Moviepark Babelsberg” a destination. Many movies and series were produced here and ofcourse in the area arround. (for example Metropolis back in 1927, the Jason Bourne movies or Eddie the Eagle)

How to get to Potsdam?

From the Citycentre of Berlin you can take the S-Bahn service “S7” to Potsdam Hbf (every 10min.) or the Regionalexpress “RE1” ( to Brandenburg/Magedburg on the timetables, every 30mins) to get to Potsdam. Both services can be used with a Interrail/Eurai Pass for free.
If you are traveling with a Flexipass. Don´t waste a travelday for this short Trip and get a local transport dayticket “Berlin ABC” (price of 2021 = 10€)

Vienna and Bratislava

If you ever wanted to explore two capitals in a day with Vienna (capitoa of Austria), Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) you can doit. Both are just one hour by train from each other. Both Cities offer a view on the danube river (you can take a speedboat service between these cities). Vienna offers many museums and ofcourse Schönnbrunn Palace or the offices of the UN in UNO-City and Vienna International Centre. My favourite as a fan of railways are the liliputrailway in the “Wiener Prater” and a restaurant called “Vytopna Railway Restaurant” here you get your drinks and meals served by modeltrains. (Don´t worry the drinks and meals are standard size :grinning: )

Bratislava offers it´s own castle of Bratislava and the cityhall but my favourite spot is the castle of Devin with a nice view on the danube.

How to travel between Vienna/Bratislava?

twice per hour (one to Bratislava and one to Bratislava Petrzelka) goes a regionaltrain from Vienna HBF to Bratislava. The trip will take an hour. You can use the Interrail/Eurail pass as ÖBB and ZSSK are both in the Network of Interrail and Eurail. If you travel with a Flexipass and wanna save traveldays for longer routes you can travel with a single ticket for arround 10€ or use the ticket I prefer. The special Bratislava Ticket as you can use it as Return Ticket and on the first day of validity it even covers the public transport of Bratislava (Buses,Trams) for just 16€.


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I have already the Vienna / Bratislava issue, will Stay in Bratislava (it is cheaper) and will travel Daily to Vienna, some near cities and even to Prague and Budapest. With that I can probably stay 1 week in Bratislava and get to know the cities around. 


What do you think aboutthat ???