Where does Eurail global pass go that is not shengen?

  • 20 December 2021
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Thus must be a simple question available somewhere but could someone tell me what EU countries accept Eurail global pass which are not in Schengen zone? I think UK is one. Maybe Scandinavian countries? 


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2 replies

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All Scandinavian countries are in Schengen Zone and part of Eurail/Interrail. Norway is not part of the European Union (EU). 

Turkey, Serbia, Nord Macedonia, Montenegro and UK are not part of the European Union and not part of Schengen Zone, but they are part of Eurail/Interrail. 

Ireland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania are part of Eurail/Interrail, but not part of Schengen, but they are in the EU. 

Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Monaco are part of Eurail/Interrail (Lichtenstein and Monaco de facto, because Austrian ÖBB and French SNCF runs the trains there), also part of Schengen, but not in the European Union (EU).


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as an extra bonus: EU-citizens can travel (could!) across all these countries with just their ID-no need for real passport. But since the UK stepped out of the EU they now want te see real passport-books from anyone-that is beacaue they themselves dont have any ID as such and cannot imagine this to be otherwise!

Traditionally the InterRail was always valid in all countries of the old West-Europe, even before the EU enlarged itself from the original 6 memberstates and this has expanded since the old communist countries turned to the west.

In the distant past even Morocco was a member in Interrail.