1. class reservations/ or not

  • 28 June 2022
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Hi everybody

I,m on interrail again, first time since the early eighties. This time on 1.class ticket.

And now here is my question; - will i get a seat on 1.class on trains where no reservations are needed, without having reserved ?

Or do they oversell 1.class tickets?

Best wishes GP


2 replies

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Depends on the countries 


Germany doest bound their Tickets on a train Because of that you are quite flexible as no reservation needed but it can Happen that then a lot people wanna travel on the same train. Usually then the 2nd class is crowded in 1st class I only had it between Cologne- Frankfurt & Berlin- Prague. 


Generell answer its a differnt System of ticketing and they cant oversell (As Tickets are not fixed on a train). 

Thanks for you quick reply!

I understand it may be difficult to answer this question for all countries.

But it would be strange to buy a first class ticket and then have to stand in the aisle …

Anyway, have a nice summer!

I,ll keep this question open for others who might want to share their experiences