Berlin - Amsterdam direct train isn't showing on DB

  • 25 May 2022
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Hi everyone,

I already have a reservation for 2/10 from Amsterdam to Berlin on a direct train and I’m now trying to book my return on the DB website which isn’t showing any direct trains for my return leg on 17/10 from Berlin to Amsterdam.  I can only see a couple of 1 change options with the rest being 2, 3 and even 4 changes - am I missing something?  I can’t find any information regarding possible engineering work on the line - does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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5 replies

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I assume engineering works, for which the timetables still have to be finalised.

I assume engineering works, for which the timetables still have to be finalised.

Thanks, is that common on a weekday?

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Yes-can happen any time and over 600 KMs route there will always be spots here or there that need to be done.

Plus that its really complete total nonsense to REServe that now.

3/10 is a german (and not in NL) national holiday=reunification day, if it makes a long weekend its an excellent time for longer during works.

I have my reservation for 2/10 - its 17/10 I can’t make at the moment, but the national holiday weekend makes sense thats when they do it here in the UK, or during Christmas holidays.  My whole trip is based around 3 NightJet legs which obviously had to be booked ahead to get the berths I wanted.

Solved the problem - I couldn’t find anything on the DB website, or get an email reply from them, so I tried the live chat on the NS International site and had an almost instant response.  There are indeed engineering works on the Dutch side of the route between 17 and 23 October.