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  • 2 March 2024
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I’ve begun booking some trips for the summer and have booked Amsterdam to Brussels and Brussels to London. The Amsterdam to Brussels portion has a ticket QR code on the Eurail app, but the Brussels to London segment (on Eurostar) does not. I did, however, have to add additional passport information on the Eurostar website to get my seat reservation for the Brussels-London portion of the trip and I printed out this ticket with a QR code directly from Eurostar. Can I assume that this ticket from Eurostar is the only one I need, and that there isn’t a separate QR code required on the Eurail app?


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So if I understand correctly, you have activated your pass, registered a few journeys in the app and added them to your pass? That's not booking in any way, it's just the digital equivalent of writing your trains on the trip report of a paper pass. Also, that's fine to test and try out the app, but as soon as you're done testing, please cancel the activation of your pass and don't activate again until your first travel day.

Every travel day has a separate QR code in the app, which you show by tapping on "Show ticket”. If you have a continuous pass, you need to change the date at the top of the screen with the QR code if you want to see it for another date than the one shown. If you have a flexipass, then you need to select the travel day first before you tap on "Show ticket”.

The QR code in the app is the ticket. For trains with mandatory reservations, you'll also need to book a reservation separately, see this page:

It sounds like you may have already booked a Eurostar reservation (which is not a ticket).