From the Netherlands to Istanbul

  • 22 March 2023
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Hi there, I am travelling for 3 months (unlimited travel days) with The Netherlands as starting point, and wanted to go to the balkans/eastern Europe.

However, when looking up trains in this area I can barely find any unfortunately. Ive seen some other topics from a while ago about this too, but I find it hard to figure out what I need to do/conclude from it. Is it better to just not go there at all as you need to take busses a lot (and those are not covered by interrail)? I’ve also read some things about there being trains in serbia and North-macedonia but just not internationally registred so it’s hard to know what the schedules are. Are there alternatives that are worth it? F.e. I saw that Romania is accessible still by a night train from budapest, and that it is possible to go from there to Sofia and then a train to halkali (Istanbul-west). Is this doable? Sorry if this is a bit vague but im new to this and really struggling with planning my trip.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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Netherlands to Istanbul is possible via Romania indeed. See:

Via Serbia/North-Macedonia there are currently no international trains.