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  • 27 April 2024
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I’m looking for help. I’m hoping to reserve places on the sleeper train between Budapest and Bucharest. Specifically the 473 Istar that departs Budapest at 19:10. I’ve tried four different sites. None seem to allow me to reserve a sleeper bed or couchette with an Interrail pass. Can anyone advise how I can reserve couchette places on this train? 


We are travelling as a family of four and really want to get this reserved in advance, I don’t want to  risk waiting to make the reservation when we arrive in Budapest.


I’ve seen this question asked before but none of the solutions seem to work for me. Below is a list of what I have tried so far.





I can’t book through here at present as my journey date is 90+ days out but if I try another date I only get offered a 3 euro reservation. No option to select couchette or sleeper.

This site works as expected but doesn’t appear to sell tickets for the dep 19:10 train.


I can add my Interrail pass and see the train on the timetable but it shows no tickets available. This doesn’t seem to be a 90+ day issue as I can’t see tickets for this train on any date.


I can use this site to reserve places using my Interrail pass on the later, dep 23:05, sleeper for 20 euro. This is my fallback if I can’t reserve a place on the 19:10.

I can add my Interrail pass and select the train and place in a 4 bed couchette but the cost is 78 euro. It appears to include a reservation (20 euro) and Europa Flex RO ticket (58 euro). 


So I guess it's not applying my Interrail pass discount?

I can see the train on the timetable on the day I want but it is showing no tickets available. I suspect this is because it is more than 90 days out because I can select a ticket for a four bed couchette if I change the date. So I think I could book tickets through this site but there is no option (that I can see) to use the Interrail pass and just pay for a reservation.


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Pass reservations for this train can't be booked online. The only train Budapest-Bucharest that can be booked online is the late night train (that originates in Vienna).

You can book at many ticket offices though in central Europe. Also by phone via DB or ÖBB, but you'll probably have to pick up the reservation in Germany or Austria.