Kolding-Hamburg : 1 seat reservation + 1 full ticket

  • 28 April 2024
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I will be travelling this summer with an Interrail pass. A friend will be joining me from Hirtshals to Hamburg, she won’t have a pass. So I need to buy a seat reservation for the ICE between Kolding and Hamburg plus a full ticket from Hirsthals to Hamburg.

  1. What is the easiest way to get 2 seats side by side ? I tried DB web site but I did not find how I could buy at the same time a ticket and an additional seat.
  2. We will be arriving in Hirtshals with the ferry at 8.00 am. I read that the train station is not really close to the ferry terminal. What do you think the transfer time should be ? We could board the 8.50 train to Aaalborg but I wonder if that’s feasible.

Thank you for sharing your experience !


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1. The easiest is that the person without Interrail buys a ticket without seat reservation. Then get them in one go here: Or just ask your neighbours politely to switch, should the ordinary ticket and reservation already been made.

2. Never took the ferry from Hirsthals before. But trains run every half hour, pick an IC to Hamburg that provides some buffer, in case you should mis the earlier train. 

Seat reservation is included with the ordinary ticket. But getting two seat reservations anyway is an option.

Thank you for your advice.