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  • 16 March 2023
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Hi - would be grateful if someone could clear this up.  I cannot find info anywhere…..   I am training in from Lecco (on Lake Como) into Milan.  I don’t know what Milan train station I will arrive at?  I am then getting on train from Milan to Bolzanno Bozen.  Again, don’t know what Milan station this train goes from.  Can someone please identify what is the name of the Milan train station for these two trains, as there appears to be a number of main train stations in Milan.  many thanks. 


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6 replies

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It should be in Milano Centrale.

Milano Porta Garibaldi, the other big station, is more for trains to the northwest of the country.

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Thank you.  My query also is that I am travelling from Lecco on Lake Como and when I look it says the train arrives at Milano Porta Garibaldi, - would this be correct?  How long would it take me to get from Garibaldi to Centrale?  I have to do all this early in the morning, so my scheduling is tight.

I have to get the Bolzano train (from Centrale).  

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There seems to be only one direct train to Bolzano (from Milan Centrale) at 1745. All others need a change, generally from Verona (although it looks as if Bologna is also an option to change for some trains).

As the previous post it seems all the trains start/finish at Milan Centrale.

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Thank you that’s great.  I’m happy to stop at Verona to change. 

my question is getting from lake como in the morning to catch the Bolzano train.  Big help thank you to know the Bolzano train leaves from Centrale. 

The train from Lecco on Lake Como - could you tell me what Milan station that arrives at.

If it is a different station - how long would it take me to transfer then to Milan Centrale?

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If you want to be sure, put your journey details into the search at Once you find your train, click on the train number in the search results and it will show the train's full journey, and destination.

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There are trains between Lecco and Milano Centrale about every 2 hours from what I can see.

There are more regional trains (taking longer) to Milano Porta Garibaldi but then it's a 25-min walk or a subway journey (5 min). Leave enough margin.