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Greetings from Canada 

I’m traveling on a 5 day pass(Eurail)

im looking for some information about boarding a night train from Paris, to Venice. 
Does the train leave from Gard du Nord?

how to book a reservation for a night train?

What time is the last usually out of Paris?


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Thank you so very much!

This information is fantastic and greatly appreciated!

Wishing you a great day and weekend!

I’ve actually been on the man in seat 61 and it’s been helpful except for the questions I have sent through this forum. You have been very helpful, so thank you 

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There hasn't been a night train from Paris to Venice for about 5 years now. (It didn't leave from Gare du Nord BTW).

Here's a map with night trains:

Hello again from Canada 

the gentleman that replied moments ago, thank you for the map. 
can someone please help, my trip plans is to go from Paris to Venice and do an overnight trip. 
I cannot seem to figure out if there is an overnight option, where to connect and last train out. 
I was thinking of purchasing a 5 day rail pass. 
im originally flying into London, hoping on a high speed train through to Paris, from there to Venice and then into Rome. 
any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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Let’s keep the discussion in this thread.

At what time are you arriving in Paris? Which date (very important for availability and engineering works along the way) ?

As you can see on the map above there is a night train from Stuttgart to Venice. It is however quite expensive. A second option would be to go via Nice but you’ll spend the next day travelling.

Honestly until the Paris - Italy night train return in a few years (hopefully!) the best itinerary is to travel during the day. You’ll get nice views of the Alps too. :)

Something like Paris - Geneva/Lausanne - Milan - Venice works well. Or you could spend the night in Geneva/Lausanne and take the direct EC to Venice early the following morning.

Thank you so very much!

I was trying to get a full day in Paris. 
im planning on leaving London getting on the high speed train to Paris. Spend the day a train out at night. Then onto Rome after a couple days in Venice. 

So, is there no trains out of Paris at night? Or just the expensive one out of Germany?


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The last high-speed trains usually leave Paris at 8:30-9pm. Afterwards you’re kinda stuck there (while trains in Germany run 24 hours a day).

To catch the Stuttgart - Venice night train* you’d have to leave Paris at 15:55. Not really ideal considering you can get in Paris not earlier than 09:18.

Honestly I’d spend the night there or take the last TGV to Strasbourg (20:24 - 22:25) and then travel during the day. By leaving Strasbourg at 7:30am you can reach Venice by 4:30pm.

You should also consider whether a pass makes sense over regular tickets. Seat reservations cost extra with Eurail and are required on high-speed trains. Prices vary, have a look at:

*Right now a couchette in a 6 people compartment costs 45€, 60€ in a 4 people one (prices with a pass). I used the dates you mentioned in your other thread.

So would you suggest we just purchase our train tickets at each location London thru to Paris. Paris thru to Venice. Venice thru to Rome and book a 6 person compartment?

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You should compare the prices of advance tickets vs pass + reservations. Definitely do not wait until getting there as trains could be sold out (especially Eurostar) and/or they will be very expensive.

The 4 or 6 couchettes compartment would be for the Stuttgart - Venice night train. All other trains will have open-plan seating.

It works out to about $96 Canadian dollars a day for the 5 day pass. Purchased through Eurail, we can board the high speed train through the Chunnel into Paris. So day 1 of pass used. 
I guess if we do it this way it guarantees us a seat on the train, although it’s probably cheaper to buy the ticket at the train ticket via the station?

. I’m in a group of 6 and I’ve been tasked with organizing the trains somehow. 
it’s so much information, and we don’t have anything like this in Canada I’m trying to wrap my head around it. 

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With Eurail seat reservations cost extra, they’re all available online. There is an extensive guide from Seat61 posted above.

For example you must add 30€ per person for the Eurostar. There is a passholder quota too for this train (unique in Europe) so you must book well in advance.

If you don’t go the Eurail path you’ll have to buy tickets (online). The earlier you buy the cheaper they will be. High-speed train tickets vary like air fares and become very expensive closer to travel date (if not sold out). Often 1st class tickets cost 5-10€ so definitely go for it!

In 2024 you can’t really get tickets on the day at the station, at least not for high-speed trains and not for a group of 6 travelling together.

This starting page is helpful:

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it quickly. Travelling by train is also a very pleasant experience: whether on a high-speed train across the flat countryside or on a slow and winding Alpine railway.

I’m meeting up with my group Saturday. Would you be open to answering more questions if any come up. 
Time zone change is I believe 9 hours so if it’s ok we’ll reach out and wait for a reply. 
Again, thank you so very much for your time, patience and help. 

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Yes sure. If I’m not available at that point I’m sure someone else will be willing to answer. :)

Sorry I do have one more question 

what rail would you suggest might be the best and easiest way for us to achieve our travel goal for London, Paris, Venice, Rome. 


And what is the name of the train stations in Paris I will need to get too connect to a train to Venice. 
I plan on leaving my luggage in the lockers in Paris Gard su nord for the day to tour around 

Would it be cheaper and easier to buy tickets on the Rail Europe trains?

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So it will be Eurostar straight to Paris, no alternatives.

Then you’ll have to go via Switzerland as the direct Paris - Milan trains don’t run at the moment due to a landslide. In addition the Simplon route (Domodossola - Milan) is closed for engineering works until 8th September: replacement buses are in place but it would take too long in my opinion.

The best option is roughly Paris - Basel/Zurich - (Lugano) - Milan - Venice. Paris - Strasbourg - Basel/Zurich - … works too.

Personally I’d spend a night in Paris and leave early the next morning with the 07:22 TGV towards Basel/Zurich. You’ll be grateful to have a nice evening in Paris, rather than a 2h train journey in the dark after an exhausting day across the city! That’s my opinion of course.

The itinerary could look like this:

  • TGV Paris Gare de Lyon - Zürich HB 07:22 - 11:26
  • EC Zürich HB - Milano Centrale 12:33 - 16:50*
  • FR Milano Centrale - Venezia Mestre 17:15 - 19:28 (+ 10 min to reach the more centrally located Santa Lucia train station)

For Paris: you’ll arrive in Gare du Nord. (The Strasbourg TGV leaves from Gare de l’Est which is a 10 min walk away. If you decide to spend the night in Strasbourg I might go there right after the Eurostar to store the luggage.)

The Zurich TGV leaves from Gare de Lyon but you’d have stored the luggage at the hotel anyway.

Rail Europe won’t be cheaper. It’s best to book through the companies websites:,,,…

I’m pretty sure Seat61 has a good summary.

Last thing: note that you’ll be travelling in Paris during the Paralympic Games. I don’t expect as much disruption as with the Olympics but you should still book accommodation and train tickets in advance.

*The journey could be an hour quicker if the Gotthard base tunnel reopens before your trip. Right now it’s closed due to a freight train derailment and all trains take the slower but scenic route!

Hope I haven’t given too much info haha. Feel free to ask anything.