Night train Belgium to Slovenia - app doesn't mention seat reservation as required. Is this correct?

  • 23 June 2022
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I would like to take the train from Belgium to Slovenia.

I would depart at 18:37 PM and arrive at 14:32 PM in Slovenia. This means that I will take a night train.

I will be on de High Speed Train ICE 619 in Germany at night.  When I searche on the app, it doesn’t mention that seat reservation is required. I find this really strange since this is a night train and a ICE train (wich you mostly need a reservation for). 

Is this correct and can I just sit on the train at night or do I need to reserve a seat?


Thank u in advance!



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These ICE are normal daytime trains-the long white sleek trains and yes, jawel dame, these indeed have only seats-and as all such trains in DE by DB have only optional REServ it is indeed the case-I´ve used this quite a few times. It was not even overly busy last week (midweek day)-but can be different on weekends and when holidays really start. They are in fact mostly aimed at bringing people to very early flites from FRA airprot-where they stand for quite some time. You arr M HBF just after 6.00-see loads of food places in the tunnel to left hand side above the S-bahn tracks. Starts with a green REWE-lokal, but the above Yorma is my favorite.

DO note that you need to use 2nd travelday next morning from M onward-and times >12.00 are always PM-even without saying (USAers cannot count >12 and thus for them 13.33= 1.33 PM).

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ICE trains generally do not require a reservation. If a journey is marked with orange text stating “Seat reservations required” then you'll need to book seats for a particular train. If there is no additional text, then you can safely assume that no reservation is required.