Possible to make a reservation for Perpignan (France) to Valencia (Spain)?

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I will travel from Perpignan to Valencia (via Port Bou). with a stopover in Barcelona Sants (25 minutes), a reservation is needed for Barcelona to Valencia.

Question: is it possible to make a reservation for the Spanish trip in France (Perpignan)? 
If not: I see I can make a pre-reservation by phone, but I have only 25 minutes to arrange the reservation in Barcelona, I think that is not enough time. 

How can I do this? 
thank you


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Portbou heeft een RENFE-loket en dat zou inderdaad reserveringen moeten kunnen verkopen.

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Ahh, thank you so in Port Bou it should be possible? They are not too “small” doing this?
Is there a France part and a Spanish part in the station?

I can make it into a 1.5 hour stop over if I want to :) Guess that would be enough.

Dutch reply @mcadv  😳 dan hoop ik dat ze het wel snappen in PBou, het lijkt me niet een groot station ? .. 

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NO, SNCF in FR will/vcannot help you. RENFE=de spaanse sporen, has its very own and hardly shared IT-system.

It should be doable in Sants=main station in Bcn=BUT use right windows.And check as plan B when next train will run after yours. EXITing at Sants may also take quite a while as you have to find someone who is willing to open a gate for you.

SO; RENFE has its own system-and in PBou this should also be possible, and be less busy. How much time you have there?

(sorry, but just to be NL-rude: het gebeurt vaak zat in ESpana dat personeel geen sjoege heeft van hoe/wat en dan maar zegt dat trein vol zit)