• 27 August 2023
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Do we need to make reservations for York , Edinburgh, London 



4 replies

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Hi we are still travelling in uk. Basically travelling in uk for short distance like 30 -1 hours journey not necessary for reservations,  but need to done Yr qr code ready before get in to the train. Sometimes we reached railway station and noticed the train delayed or cancelled,  so we just change the pass In planner/ my trip. Some destinations need reservations fee in eurail planner,  We bought tickets free from ;

Free reservations are available online for LNER trains only.

Note: lner for reservations Yr ticket free. And you add train schedule in MY TRIP must be same TIME. 

With above you can go any railway station in uk.

PLANNER is friendly  and good to use as guidance for the information and train information in every station. 


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Reservations are not required for any trains in Britain except Eurostar to France/Belgium and the 3 overnight sleeper services.

You should never pay for reservations, they are available for free from train ticket offices or online by creating an account at (all reservable trains) or (LNER trains only, also has seat selection)

For Edinburgh - York - London use LNER as they run those trains.


Thanks so much , would the Eurail ticket also cover us to Bath UK? 

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Thanks so much , would the Eurail ticket also cover us to Bath UK? 

The pass doesn’t work via routes. It has participating companies. In the UK almost every company is included in the pass, so you practically can travel anywhere by train where you want. (Just Heathrow Express isn’t included I think)

One of the best interrail countries there is, the UK :)