Seat reservation ICE Stuttgart-Paris - how is it possible to book two seats located side by side?

  • 3 January 2022
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In May, we (2 persons) are going to travel from Stuttgart to Paris on ICE. Having bought two Interrail Global Passes for us on the same account, I also booked two reservations together (in one order!) on the Interrail website for this train. Unfortunately, by consulting a seat map of DB Fernverkehr, I found out that these two seats aren’t located side by side but one after another at the window, although I bought the passes together on the same account (and not seperately) only in order to get coherent reservations. How can I change this reservation to one with two seats side by side? Is this only possible by cancelling my reservation at and by ordering again at a DB oder SNCF travel agency or is able to change this, too?

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yes, but you have to go in person and to a DB-counter. Online not possible, same problem for people without any pass. PLUS that for INTernat. trips its simply not possible at all to do it online, which is also explained somewhere hidden deep inside the site of interrail.

Due to covid also DB usually does not place persons side by side (tipically in 2nd cl. its 2 a side of gangway), so someone has to override this system.

I understand that for some people married to their fones this is beyond belief, but in many other countries in the pass-scheme this is needed for all REServations. Thats simply the way it was for many years since the InterRailPass is sold.

Hint: the surcharge for INTern. on ICE/TGV is much higher as just the inland fee that applies in FR. You can save money (I think more as half; whithin FR its 10 eur most times) by uding with other trains before to Strasbourg, and book from there. INside DE you can use any ICE/incl. the few TGV for inland trips without REServation, you have to cross the border=Rhine bridge on a local train then.