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  • 7 August 2021
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I have a question about seat reservations in France. I want to travel from Lyon Part Dieu to Barcelona Sants on the 30th august. (RSC 9734). I can book the reservation via Interrail, but since it is a Paper ticket, it will be delivered on the 29th august to Austria (where I live), so this is the day when I plan to start the journey. 

Is there a way to buy the seat reservation now and pick up the ticket at the railway station in Lyon? Or do you have a recommendation? 

I only have one hour waiting time in Lyon, is it possible to buy the ticket there? Or are chances high that the time is not sufficient to buy the seat reservations locally or even worse, that tickets are not availabe any more?

If anyone could help me, this would be really great, I am really frustrated :D!

 Thanks in advance!


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I have the same problem!

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Hi, if you are not able to have your seat reservation via mail due to the delivery time, the only other option is to purchase your seat reservation locally at the train station, as mentioned here as well.  You will be able to purchase your ticket within that time frame. There are limited seats available for Eurail and Interrail travellers, so if it is sold out, you'll need to purchase a full fare ticket or take alternative trains that do not require reservations.