The app says I used all my journeys. I did but this is my inbound trip?

  • 28 November 2021
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I just reserved (80€ altogether) some seat from Stuttgart back to Paris (via Brussels) and Paris to Nantes (where I live) for tomorrow, now that I am trying to add the trips on the app it says you have used all your journeys. 

I have used all my journeys but this is my inbound trip. 

I thought any trip that involves a city from the country of residence would make that trip eligible for inbound journey. 

I very much appreciate your help. The trip is tomorrow and I just paid a hefty amount and I’m in a state of panic 


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The Inbound and Outbound journey´s are not on top of the Traveldays :/

You have to use them together with a travelday :/

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80 EUR sounds a bit much for Stuttgart - Nantes (4 EUR Stuttgart to Brussels, 25 to Paris, 10 to Nantes).

Anyway, these reservations will be of no use if you don't have any travel days left. You choices are:

  1. Buy a new global Interrail so you can use your reservations.
  2. Buy normal tickets and contact customer service ASAP to get refunds on your reservations.

Stuttgart to Nantes is usually not the fastest (or the cheapest) via Brussels. You can use the Deutsche Bahn or SNCF websites (or the DB ticket office) to book the entire trip.