Traveling from Lithuania to Romania

  • 13 July 2022
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I would like to go from Lithuania to Romania, could you help me to find the best way to travel? :) 




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Thank you ❤️

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Learn to help yourself-you will also need that when travelling:

use a travelplanner-not the app/this site, but best is railways) It covers nearly all of EUR ad is frequently updated-this app not.

Start with A to B and see what it delivers=the general route -you have to change trains a few times-via PL-CZ or SK-HU.

Now think which places you would like to visit on the way and divide up in these segments-more trains/connections will appear. Do not too far advance-mostly it is till 2 month later possible-it will give general idea of what is available.

You may already note that from LT to PL-ONLY in summer-ONY on sat/sun, there is just 1 train Kaunas-Suwalki-on to Bialystok/PL. This is PolRegio-moist fast trains in Pl are done by PK_these MUST be REServed-I have no idea what LitRail can do for you.

Check LitRail-if you will use pass-what the procedure is-there are various reports about this lately.

When you pass PL daytime trains do not really need to RES onard-till in HUngary.

It depends on where in RO-there are several routes-several trains -and several other connections-the long distance trains MUST be REServed again, best whilst in BudaPest-or maybe advance via site of Cost for REServ is extra to pass-but in these areas its only a few € extra.

This site is about railpasses-depending on your age, if you want to visit more places, willing to go out of your way and fix bookings-but maybe a pass may not be best buy-most of the railways here give generous discounts and have low fares anyway to start with.

Now first do the homework and come back if you hit other problems