Travelling from Warsaw to Berlin

  • 1 August 2022
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To travel from Warsaw to Berlin I need to make seat reservations, but they no longer see to be available. I get this message:


‘No longer available

This seat reservation is only available as paper ticket and can't be delivered to you in time. Try booking in person at the station.’

Does anyone have any experience with this? Will I be able to make a seat reservation at the station?


Thank you in advance!

1 reply

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Zou wijs zijn  geweest te melden waar ge nu zijt.

Can be done-HAS to be done, as these are global-price trains (sell tickets only direct with RES for that train) at counter-at ANY station in DE or any with INTERNat. IN PLK-and perhaps the odd one out of the 2. IF being told ´full´can always go via local train over border bridge (odra/Oder) or via Szczecin (=detour from WAW). Same-same ditto for going DE->PL.